Your Guide to a Healthy Organised Kitchen

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An unorganised kitchen can make all your best efforts to a healthy life feel harder than it needs to be! In this blog I'm sharing my top tips to a healthy and organised kitchen.

Clear Kitchen Clutter

The first step is to clear out any clutter in your kitchen - including your cupboards, pantry, fridge & benchtops/counters - so you can make way for new habits!

  • Check use by dates
  • Transfer packets to jars or clear plastic containers
  • Discard processed foods with trans-fats or too much sugar
  • Go through your utensils & keep the best, donate the rest (you don't need 3 can openers or 11 wooden spoons
  • Organise draws, cupboards and clear bench space
  • Audit your appliances - anything you won't use gets donated
  • Clean fridge, oven, rangehood and bench tops
  • Re-organise your storage to make the kitchen flow better (i.e. store coffee mugs above kettle etc)
  • Practice the mantra "everything has a place & everything in it's place"


Ensuring you have the right utensils & equipment will make a BIG difference so buy the best quality you can afford and they will last a lifetime.

Pots & Pans, Roasting Dishes should be stainless steel, enamel or cast iron, or hard anodised pans like those at Biome. NO TEFLON!
Dishes can be glass, ceramic, pyrex
Utensils should be wooden or stainless steel, avoid anything plastic as it could leach into your food when hot
Plates, Cups, Glasses etc - please avoid plastic

Can / Tin opener
Colander (stainless steel)
Chopping boards (ideally wood or BPA-free plastic)
Measuring Cups, Jug & Spoon
Electric hand mixer
Food processor (eg Thermomix or similar)
Spatulas (wooden or silicone)
Knives: chef’s, paring, serrated
Magic Bullet or NutriBullet or other quality Blender
Mixing bowls
Slow cooker
Steamer basket insert
Storage containers
Veggie peeler
Wooden spoons

Stock Your Pantry, Fridge and Freezer with Essentials

Having essentials always stocked in your pantry, fridge and freezer will help keep the stress at bay. Stock up on herbs, spices, condiments, oils, dried beans, tinned salmon, wholegrains, flours and nut butters for the pantry. Choosing 5-7 seasonal varieties of fruit and veg each week to make shopping, prepping and cooking simpler. Stock your freezer with proteins, frozen veg, frozen fruits, cooked grains and left-over meals. 

You can get my full list of pantry, fridge and freezer staples in my program Eat Well Thrive Well as well as learning all the basics to healthy eating, how to create balanced meals, lean how to listen to your body to create new habits, aligning your relationship with food and feel like you can actually thrive in a healthy lifestyle without worrying about what to eat. For all the details about the program and to enrol click the button below!

Eat Well Thrive Well Program

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