This five modules workshop will help you move from surviving to thriving with your meals and your health.


Understanding the importance of eating in season, eating locally and honouring your needs is essential in being successful in meal planning and having nutrient packed delicious meals.


Learn the essential meals, nutrients, and recipes to include in your life long-term and discover the benefits and simplicity it brings.


Discover the routines and planning that makes a busy week less stressful around mealtime and instead focus on the joy food can bring.


Learn how to set your pantry up for success and always create a place for quick healthy meals


How to make essential meals, recipes, back up meals and how to co-ordinate meal planning you will be provided with clear recipes and video demonstrations.

Meal Plan in 5 steps

In this workshop you will learn:

  • how to plan meals ahead of time.
  • how to make delicious meals that cover all food groups.
  • to fill your pantry with the essentials that keep on giving.
  • how to make quick easy meals and not miss out of the important food groups.
  • the art of meal prepping and make mealtime stress free.
  • how to plan and have variety to your meals.
  • why eating in season is so important and save’s you money.

What you get inside the Meal Planning Workshop  

Meal Planning Workbook & Recipes

Video of each module and how to use your workbook

Videos of recipes with Merrilyn & Liza


All of the following delicious recipes...

  • Salad pots
  • Noodle pots
  • Stock
  • Granola for breakfast & desserts
  • Mayonnaises & dressing
  • Oven bake meals
  • Soaked grains
  • Shepherds Pie
  • Broccoli & sweet potato brown rice
  • Fritters
  • Meat balls
  • Soups
Liza Twohill Holistic Health Photoshoot 2  (106)

About Us

Liza and Merry are the team of 2reds1cook. 2reds1cook began several years ago when Liza discovered how amazing and dedicated Merry is with growing food, making food, and sharing her passion of wonderful wholefood dishes.

Liza has been a practicing health professional for more than two decades and is a leader in her field and regarded as one of Australia’s leading naturopaths. She has helps thousands of clients understand the power of food, food as medicine and the importance of lifestyle medicine.

Merrilyn grows, ferments, creates her own food and lives very much the farm to plate lifestyle.

We decided to combine our skills and bring wholefood workshops to our local community. We are now excited to share this to the online space.

These workshops bring decades of knowledge, cooking skills and homegrown life skills in the kitchen and the garden and knowledge of health and healing. You will not only learn and gain wonderful healthy recipes but also learn so much about health and how food, food as medicine works and how to heal your body.