Breakfast can be a tricky meal to prepare when you are looking for wholefood and highly nutritious options when you are busy. It’s also the most important meal of the day, it kickstarts everything and shouldn’t be ignored. All recipes we will incorporate grain, dairy and egg free options as well as seasonal recipes This workshop will allow you to understand the power of food and how it can set you up for the day.

This workshop will assist you to understand why breakfast is so important & how to achieve when you are busy.


Discover how important it is to set yourself up for the day. Even if you don’t eat till late, it is important to get the first meal right.


Learn easy recipes that will help you have energy throughout your day and reduce sugar cravings. Learn life hacks on how to eat well on the run and still maintain a healthy diet.


Combining great principles of nutrient dense breakfasts along with achievable recipes you will discover why breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

700 Breakfast for Busy

In this workshop you will learn:

  • how to get your macro’s right for the first meal of the day.
  • how to make awesome breakfast meals that are packed full of goodness.
  • which commercial foods or café style food are great options for breakfast.
  • how to read labels and make better choices in the supermarket.
  • the facts on why the first meal of the day is so important.
  • the food that fuel your body through the day.
  • how to upskill your recipes and create diversity in your life.
  • what, why and how of supermarket breakfast options.
  • how to eat well when you are traveling or on the run.

What you get inside the Breakfast for Busy People Workshop

Breakfast Workbook & Recipes

Video of the fact on a healthy breakfast

Videos of recipes with Merrilyn & Liza including the science behind the recipe


All of the following deliciously good (and easy to make) breakfast recipes...

  • Fritters to go
  • Chicken pho
  • Paleo muesli 
  • Breakfast Smoothies
  • Waffles galore
  • Power Pancakes
  • Savoury mince
  • Wholefood breakfast cakes
  • Slow cooked meals
  • Eggs on the run
  • Oats many ways
  • Summer on the run
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About Us

Liza and Merry are the team of 2reds1cook. 2reds1cook began several years ago when Liza discovered how amazing and dedicated Merry is with growing food, making food, and sharing her passion of wonderful wholefood dishes.

Liza has been a practicing health professional for more than two decades and is a leader in her field and regarded as one of Australia’s leading naturopaths. She has helps thousands of clients understand the power of food, food as medicine and the importance of lifestyle medicine.

Merrilyn grows, ferments, creates her own food and lives very much the farm to plate lifestyle.

We decided to combine our skills and bring wholefood workshops to our local community. We are now excited to share this to the online space.

These workshops bring decades of knowledge, cooking skills and homegrown life skills in the kitchen and the garden and knowledge of health and healing. You will not only learn and gain wonderful healthy recipes but also learn so much about health and how food, food as medicine works and how to heal your body.