Online Wholefood Workshops

Upskill your knowledge, cooking ability and discover new recipes and most of all start learning how to heal and nourish your body through food and food as medicine.

Snacks & Treats

Making healthy snack options can be challenging when you are trying to eat healthy.

Learn with us the keys to keeping your snack unprocessed and low is sugar. Learning how you bring back some variety to your lunches and keeping your taste buds happy.

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700 - Celebration Foods Workshop

Celebration Foods

Its time to celebrate with family and friends but you want to keep the sugar low, the processed food down and still tantalise the taste buds.

Join our workshop and we can show you how to create healthy and amazing meals for groups and celebrations.

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Broth Making & Gut Health

Gut health is crucial to overall health you may have heard of the gut microbiome. It is the factory of microbes that talk to our brain and immune system. Broth making is vital in creating a healthy gut microbiome. Learn how to make high quality broth and other recipes that feed and heal the gut. Understand the do’s & don’ts in the world of gut health products. Learn the nine steps to creating a healthy gut microbiome.

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Breakfast for Busy People

Breakfast can be a tricky meal to prepare when you are looking for wholefood and highly nutritious options when you are busy.

This workshop will allow you to understand the power of food and how it can set you up for the day. All recipes we will incorporate grain, dairy and egg free options as well as seasonal recipes.

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Meal Planning

Are you exhausted from winging it?

From having to cook from zero after a long day?

Learn how to create easy, healthy meals with smart meal planning strategies. Save yourself money, time and stress when it comes to a hungry belly and a tired body.

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