This workshop will guide you through the important stages of gut health.

Gut health and healthy microbiome is crucial to overall health as it is the factory of microbes that talk to our brain and immune system. 

In this workshop you can learn how to make high quality broth and other recipes that feed and heal the gut.

You'll also learn the do’s & don’ts in the world of gut health products as well as the nine steps to creating a healthy gut microbiome.


Discover how important it is to support your digestion and encourage it to work efficiently with food and food as medicine. Learn how to reduce your unwanted gut symptoms with simple recipes, actions, and exercises.


Start putting back the food that your microbiome loves and restore it to a balance that it deserves. Learn about the gut-brain connection and the gut-immune connection and what you can do to support it.


Learn how to gentle bring a consistent balance to your gut health and restore it to a place it deserves. Discover how flexible and evolving the gut and microbiome is and how important food are in rebuilding and sustaining health.

700 Broth Making & Gut Health

In this workshop you will learn:

  • the fundamentals of ‘food as medicine’ for your digestion and gut microbiome.
  • how to make your own bone broth from scratch.
  • which commercial broths and stocks are good quality.
  • how to read labels.
  • the 9 steps to a healthy and robust gut microbiome.
  • the facts on bloating and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and which foods help.
  • the food that feed a healthy gut microbiome.
  • how to upskill your recipes to improve your gut health.
  • about collagen and where to source it.
  • the facts on probiotics, pre-biotics and symbiotics.

What you get inside the Broth Making & Gut Health Workshop  

Videos on the nine steps to a health microbiome and expert advice

Videos of recipes with Merrilyn & Liza including the science behind the recipe

Workbook & Recipes


All of the following gut-friendly recipes...

  • Bone broth
  • Slow cooked meals - chicken soup, turmeric beef stew, curried chicken
  • Smoothies
  • Fermentation - carrot & ginger sauerkraut
  • Pate
  • Chicken Stir Fry with collagen rich sauce
  • Weak acids & tonics
  • Coconut panna cotta
  • Cauliflower white sauce
  • Tahini honey collagen balls
  • Dressings & Tonics
  • Gummies / Jellies
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About Us

Liza and Merry are the team of 2reds1cook. 2reds1cook began several years ago when Liza discovered how amazing and dedicated Merry is with growing food, making food, and sharing her passion of wonderful wholefood dishes.

Liza has been a practicing health professional for more than two decades and is a leader in her field and regarded as one of Australia’s leading naturopaths. She has helps thousands of clients understand the power of food, food as medicine and the importance of lifestyle medicine.

Merrilyn grows, ferments, creates her own food and lives very much the farm to plate lifestyle.

We decided to combine our skills and bring wholefood workshops to our local community. We are now excited to share this to the online space.

These workshops bring decades of knowledge, cooking skills and homegrown life skills in the kitchen and the garden and knowledge of health and healing. You will not only learn and gain wonderful healthy recipes but also learn so much about health and how food, food as medicine works and how to heal your body.