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Eating with Wholefood 700 Recipe

Eating with Wholefood Recipe eBook

  • All recipes are focused on Low Carb and Healthy Fats.
  • All recipes avoid the most common food sensitivities, wheat & dairy.
  • 11 Breakfast recipes, bircher muesli, smoothies, waffles, overnight oats, pancakes and more.
  • 20 Lunch & dinner recipes containing chicken, lamb, vegetarian, seafood and beef.
  • 6 wholefood dressing for salad or meat dishes.
  • 10 great salad and vegetable dishes.

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700 Snacks & Treats

Snacks & Treats

Learn with us the keys to keeping your snacks unprocessed and low sugar, and how to bring back some variety to your lunches and keep your taste buds happy.

  • 1 video learning module
  • 3 downloadable workbooks
  • 10 individual recipe videos
  • Downloadable recipe ebook with 14 recipes


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